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Te Kakano - Whakatipu collection

Small booklet for whanau about pregnancy
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Te Kakano whanau korero
tka whanau korero

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Te Kakano whanau korero image
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Ideas for exploring Nga Tohu Whanau

This is a great workshop to get whanau to increase familiarity with Whakatipu and pakiwaitara.  Identify how ngā tohu whānau are represented within traditional pakiwaitara and identify how ngā tohu whānau are represented within daily lives.
nga tohu whanau

Nga Tohu Whanau

A4 poster with six things children need to grow up to be happy capable adults
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Ideas for exploring - What helps children learn

This is a great workshop for Parents to understand what helps children to learn Parents to explore the six principles  Parents to see children as having the same feelings as themselves Through sharing an experience with others the group gets to know each other better.
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SKIP What it takes and why it works

Find out how SKIP started
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Ideas for exploring how the Whakatipu resources work

This is a great session to increase familiarity with Whakatipu content.  Assess and sumarise current knowledge and enable ongoing sharing with other groups.